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Inspirational Mums

There have been so many Inspirational stories in the last year, of parents creating something beautiful to help others. Even though they are suffering and grieving, they are still giving. #Inspirational #Amazing

Here are some of those Special ladies…



Today I have read the story of how Harry’s Rainbow was created and this leads us to another Inspirational mother in Milton Keynes.

* Introducing Odette *

Odette – Harry’s Mummy – Charity Operations Manager 



“Jessica’s Rainbow Run, Harry’s Rainbow Runners, Marathons, Fundraising, Sponsorship, Dress down days, Local company support, Coin pots, Local community.
In the past 3 and a half years we have raised in excess of £125,000″

“I feel very passionate about helping and supporting children after the death of a loved one, and also their parents! I was full of such mixed emotions about what I should do for my daughter Jessica after Harry died and had no idea where to turn to for help. She is his twin and because of their unique relationship, the closest that anyone would ever get to him. She knew him longer than any of us. I could have lain in bed all day long never to breathe the air that was just on the other side of the duvet, but, no matter how strong these feelings were, I just could not let my daughter down. After experiencing such devastation at such an early age I needed to keep myself together for her.

My son Harry was a blessing to me and always will be. I like to talk about him like I do about all my children and I think about him always.

He will never be far from me and the love I have for him is what continues to spur me on to help others.

Odette you really are an Inspiration from all of us at #MiltonKeynesMums

Introducing another Inspirational Mum in Milton Keynes

Katie of Emily’s Star


“I am Katie, mummy to my beautiful daughter Emily. Emily is an angel in the sky and she is my inspiration to raise money for the nurses that helped us so much.

I had a fairly normal pregnancy up until 36 weeks when it was discovered that my baby was smaller than she should be. I had a week of scans and tests until it was decided to induce my labour. My labour was induced which ended with an emergency c-section. Emily was born at 9.56pm weighing a tiny 1.97kg, 4lb 5oz. Emily was rushed to the Neonatal unit to receive the care that she required.

I finally met Emily 14 hours after she was born but the occasion had a grey cloud hanging over it as we had been informed that Emily possibly had a rare syndrome called “Edwards” or Trisomy 18, not that any of that mattered to me when I had my first cuddle with her. So small and tiny yet absolutely perfect, I was a mummy to a beautiful, amazing and strong little girl and I couldn’t have been prouder.

The following day it was confirmed that Emily had Edwards Syndrome, a syndrome that was not compatible with life and we had been advised that Emily may only survive for 4 days. I felt my whole world turn upside down but I was determined that I was not leaving the hospital without my beautiful daughter.

Emily was proving everyone wrong, we made it past the 4 days, past the week, two weeks and three weeks but Emily ran out of fight and passed away at 26 days. Those were the most valuable and precious 26 days of my life and I owe so much to the nurses who helped me have those days with Emily. The nurses allowed Emily to meet her grandparents, aunties and uncles & little cousin, meet her godparents and all the wonderful family and friends which loved her so much.

Which is why I have decided to make something positive out of this awful situation and to raise funds for the Children with Complex Needs Nurses and families across the UK.”

Katie & her team are working so hard raising awareness for the charity and performing wonderful acts of kindness…

LeapPad delivery to MKGH Ward 5

Christmas Present delivery 2014

Neonatal Box delivery – September 2014

They have also supplied over 100 ‘Neonatal boxes’ for premature and underweight babies to Milton Keynes Neonatal unit.


Please follow and support their journey if you can @


Our next ‘Inspirational Mum’ Is Corina of Corina’s Mascot Hire MK.



I first met Corina when she helped our PTFA out with costumes for our charity event. Since then i have watched her support local charities and local families in times of need. She has raised in excess of £50,000 for Charity and just keeps giving.

Even on Christmas Day Corina is Giving…



“Cant wait to take Xmas Mickey and Minnie around the hospitals xmas day. These are also my favourite mascots”


Thank you for everything you do Corina. A real inspiration and such a lovely lady. Keep up the good work :0)




Another Inspirational Mum is the super cool – Sarah White of ‘SuperShoes’ Milton Keynes


“Supershoes is a unique non-profit organisation based in Milton Keynes.
Our mission is to create a precious and positive moments whilst brightening the days of seriously ill children and children living with severe disability.
With a team of 90 volunteer Super-Artists we achieve this by designing Supershoes- canvas shoes (Converse /VANS) customised for each individual child, reminding them that they are so much more than the challenges they face.”

Each pair of Supershoes costs £50 which is entirely funded by donation from individuals, businesses, other charities and social groups.

If you sponsor a pair of Supershoes we always let you know where your donation is spent allowing you to be a part of the Supershoes journey!”

Please visit our Facebook page @
Twitter: @SupershoesUK


This is where is all began…

Congratulations to our first ‘Milton Keynes Inspirational Mummy’

Dawn Allen.

The Charity this Blog is #Charity #Blogging for – The Henry Allen Trust


I have followed little Henry’s story since his appeal went to press in our local paper. Having two boys of my own, I really wanted to help and support her family. We donated money when we could and watched the family raise £150,000 for alternative treatment for Henry. Sadly Henry gained his little wings as we were in the build up to a huge weekend of fundraising for the appeal. Heartbreaking…

I did get to meet Dawn in November 2013 when we broke a world record in memory of her little boy Henry Allen. Since then I have supported The Henry Allen Trust and admire her strength, courage, hope, dreams and I believe in her…

This lady has amazed/inspired me since that day and this is why she is our first Inspirational Mummy.

Mum to Mum MK are supporting ‘The Henry Allen Trust’ as they strive to grant wishes and raise money for Childhood Cancer.  

Read more about The Henry Allen Trust Here





If you know an Inspirational mummy or nanny. Please email me @


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