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From 20 mums in Milton Keynes to over 12,600 Facebook members – Visit the new website @

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Great feature in @CelebrateMK this month. New Website #News #MumtoMum

As featured in: Sam Poole, whose Mum to Mum MK Facebook group now has 11,500 members, is replacing her well-known Milton Keynes Mums blog with a brand new website called Mum to Mum UK. All of the current content will be migrated over and some exciting new features added. Sam explained: “The new website has been a huge investment but we have worked really hard on a new weekly calendar […]

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As a fan of @StaceySolomon and @loosewomen I am sad to hear Stacey is being #trolled again! However we have an exciting solution @DandiPatch #Entrepreneur @ESparkGlobal

The Sun Newspaper Reports @ STACEY Solomon has hit back at trolls who criticised her for bearing her dark armpit sweat patches during the latest episode of Loose Women. Stacey said: “I’m a normal human who perspires!” Mum to Mum UK says: “Well said Stacey!” I absolutely love Stacey and the way she handles the ‘haters’, from body shaming to sweat patches she always handles it with laughter and dignity. […]

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Loving @luckyorangepant as a mum of 2 and on my own…Feeling the responsibility today #FridayFeeling I am the keeper…

Every now and then I read an article and it hits my heart hard, she read my mind, she knows how I feel and I really am not alone in my thoughts…                  @ Facebook I am the keeper I am the keeper of schedules. Of practices, games, and lessons. Of projects, parties, and dinners. Of appointments and homework assignments. Sam: I hate cooking […]

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What an amazing #Princess and how lovely are her sons #DianaOurMother #Inspirational #Charity #Motherhood #Loss #Proud

20 years #GoneButNotForgotten Watching this documentary tonight has been so Inspirational in many ways… In some parts it was like I was looking into a mirror but not as a princess and without the awful harassment from the paparazzi. I really do not know how she remained so calm and I feel sad for her and what she had to go through. She had to face the world on those dark […]

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Accidental Blogger part 3 now 2017

The accidental blogger update… For those who have been following this blog since the beginning you have seen it grow from an extension of our Facebook page to store great advice, to an amazing charity work collaborations and then to help local businesses grow. I continued to develop the group / website even though I relocated to Spain and started helping mums in Javea too. Even though I spend the […]

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