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Would you like to switch your kettle on from your bedroom? @Smarter_AM #iKettle #FormulaMode

This innovative Wi-Fi kettle is packed with the latest smart technology to save you time and make your daily routine easier.

It features a handy remote boil function that you can control via the app on your smartphone as well as welcome home and wake up modes which allow you to set an alarm and proximity alerts so that your kettle automatically boils – great if you fancy a cuppa as soon as you walk downstairs or get home from work.

You can also enjoy degree-precise temperature control from 20°C to 100°C so that you only heat the water up as much as you need to help save money on your energy bills, or use the baby-specific Formula Mode to make formula feeding safer and easier.

Formula mode? you may ask…

The new Formula mode makes night feeds even easier, with the ability to connect to your Nest Cam with IFTTT, it will boil the water and then notify you when it is at your desired temperature.

Mum to Mum reviews

‘Ok Google, turn the kettle on.’


If you cannot wait and want one right now – Mum to Mum has secured 15% discount: SMARTERKNOWHOW – Valid until 23/12/17 @

Sam from Mum to Mum says:

“As soon as I saw what this kettle could do, I wanted one! Every morning I get up, boil the kettle then make the kids lunch boxes. Thirty minutes later I remember that I boiled the kettle and never made my coffee and boil it again, but then it is too hot to drink!

I can set my iKettle to a lower temperature if I am in a rush, so that I can drink it straight away! #WinnerWinner

I tap the app from my bedroom and when I come downstairs the first thing I can do is make my coffee, oh iKettle I love you!


Looking forward to hearing our members reviews.

SJP – Work with us


Please contact Sam @ 

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