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Meet the women who set up Mush – the new Tinder for Mums! #mums #friends #mush @mushmums

Tinder for Mums

Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz. Photo credit – The Telegraph

Two of our lovely members (Joanne and Sam) on one of our social media groups wanted to share this fantastic article from The Telegraph (thank you, ladies!). It’s about Katie and Sarah, two mums in London who met on a cold and rainy morning, and realised that mums these days need a bit of help in finding other mum friends in their community. 

“Over the first year of their friendship, Katie and Sarah developed Mush, an app that operates like Tinder for mothers, using GPS and shared interests to link people with possible mates. With 75,000 members, this free app engineers the sort of sanity-saving connection Sarah and Katie found in the park on a national and international scale; it has 8,000 members and counting in Australia.”

Read more in The Telegraph’s article, here

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