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In Case You Missed It – the very special vows renewal for a very special bride, and how our community made us proud. 

Every day there are dozens of posts looking for recommendations on our Mum to Mum Facebook group – but the one posted by Rebecca in August this year was special. It was about her friend, Vicky  a former member of the Royal Navy, and mum to two girls. This is how it went:  

“Hi, I am one of 3 friends of a friend who are trying to arrange the perfect day for my best friend who, at just 45, has been diagnosed with an aggressive terminal cancer. She will renew her wedding vows on Saturday the 30th September in Higham Ferrars. She thinks she will then go to the working men’s club opposite which is a bit run down, however we have booked  an alternative beautiful location nearby (it’s a secret!). We want to give her the most beautiful day we can! Sorry to go on without getting to the point…

“I was just going to ask if anyone knows someone with a vintage or a little bit special vehicle, who could do us a good rate for the occasion. If you can help, great, if not thank you for reading this – she really is such a special person, she just deserves the best.”

Love letters

The response from the Mum to Mum community was fantastic. Rebecca received dozens of replies from our wonderful mums with businesses, offering their services free of charge… From photographers to hair stylists, makeup artists, event decor, cake makers, as well as offers of a vintage vehicle that Rebecca wanted to find. Not only that, but there were offers of financial help, and so many comments wishing the family and their friends well for the big day. 

Rebecca remembers reading through the responses: “The one thing that quickly became very apparent was the generosity of people we didn’t know and who didn’t know us. We were humbled and amazed by the kindness of others.”

A few weeks later, Rebecca posted again to update us on her friends special day:

“Some time ago I posted asking if anyone could help me with recommendations for a wedding car as my terminally ill best friend was planning to renew her wedding vows … and I had an overwhelming response from the ladies on Mum to Mum. We are now two days away from witnessing my beautiful friend and her adoring husband telling the world for the second time, how much they love one another.

“Victoria [one of the other friends helping to organise the day] and I have been blessed with so much generosity and kindness, everything is in place and it is going to be amazing.

“So, once again, to everyone who has helped, donated or offered their time or best wishes … thank you, thank you, thank you x”

In the end, the services that were donated on the big day of 30th September – some by Mum to Mum members, and all for no cost – were:

  • a white Bentley to take Vicky, Carl and the children to the church;
  • tablecloths;
  • chair sashes;
  • the cake;
  • Dominos pizzas and sides for all the children;
  • wedding favours;
  • a band who performed a whole set;
  • the wedding dress!
  • Vicky’s make up;
  • bouncy castle and garden games for the children…and more.


Rebecca says: “When I posted on mum to mum, I simply asked for suggestions for wedding cars and I was astonished by everything, everyone was prepared to offer. Unfortunately I couldn’t accept many of the offers made, mainly because my partner in crime, Victoria, already had something in place, in the local vicinity of Higham Ferrars. I did however via that post receive hundreds of beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes from two ladies who commented on my post that day, Kelly and Emma. In addition, a third lady, Catriona, messaged me to say that the only thing she could offer was calligraphy…Vicky had chosen a beautiful poem which is now beautifully hand written and framed for them.

“A lot of what we achieved that day could not have happened without a. hard work and b. that kindness.”

And in the midst of all the excitement, Rebecca took the time to post an update: 

“So, Mum to Mum, today was the day …. it was beautiful, it was sad, overwhelming, but very happy and there was an abundance of love that took your breath away.

“We had a surprise special guest ….. long story short, Simon Weston is Vicky’s hero and the reason she joined the Navy … he was so kind and generous with his time and what a lovely man, to go out of his way just to make someone happy.”

Bride and Simon Weston

“To everyone who helped us to make today as perfect as possible – thank you from the bottom of our hearts X”

All of us at Mum to Mum are so touched to have been part of creating this wonderful memory for Vicky and her family. A huge THANK YOU to every one of our members who offered to help, or just showed that they care.

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

J.K Rowling


We are so proud of our fantastic community, and of each and every one of you. 

And heaps of love from all of us at Mum to Mum for Vicky, and her wonderful family and friends.



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