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What an amazing #Princess and how lovely are her sons #DianaOurMother #Inspirational #Charity #Motherhood #Loss #Proud

20 years #GoneButNotForgotten

Watching this documentary tonight has been so Inspirational in many ways…

In some parts it was like I was looking into a mirror but not as a princess and without the awful harassment from the paparazzi. I really do not know how she remained so calm and I feel sad for her and what she had to go through. She had to face the world on those dark days, she kept doing what she loved for others and she smothered her boys with love. She was not judged for giving so much time to charity and really was the queen of hearts.

I loved how the boys remembered how those cuddles felt and I will continue to do this to my boys…

How did she get through those dark days?

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Feeling unhappy within a marriage…

Her parents separated and then she had to make the very same heartbreaking decision…

Children moving from one parent to another…

Working with over 100 charities until the day after her divorce, when she announced her resignation from over 100 charities to spend more time with only six.

Over 100 charities! However did she do that? Just amazing and I can totally relate to why she gave so much.

Prioritising work and motherhood…

Romance after divorce and so much more!


I will never forget that day in 1997 when I was a holiday rep in Ibiza, I was getting ready for my welcome meeting when my Spanish hotel owner said “no work today, your princess is dead!” Yes just like that!

We could not believe what he was saying until he put on the news and that is where we all sat for the rest of the day. I got fresh flowers for both of my hotels on the day of the funeral too and another hotel manager made me walk to the front of the TV screen and place the flowers there in front of over 300 guests.

It was a beautiful day outside and they were on holiday but there was only one place everyone wanted to be. 

Most people can remember where they were that day…

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The other Inspirational side is just how resilient Prince William and Prince Harry are. 

Resilience: being able to bounce back from stress, challenge, tragedy, trauma or adversity. When children are resilient, they are braver, more curious, more adaptable, and more able to extend their reach into the world.

Dealing with the separation of their parents…

Losing their mother at such a young age and continuing to brave the world...

Getting married and having children without one of your parents sharing this with you…

To see them come out the other side in this documentary gives those going through similar situations hope. 

Hope that we can give them the love, strength and support they need to move forward in life. Show them how special it is to give and be kind always. To be an Inspiration to just one person if you can and reach out to them if you think you can help…

Live your life for you and do what makes YOU happy as we only get one shot at this thing called life!

“As well as a loving mother, Diana was also remembered for the admiration and devotion she inspired in millions around the world.”


Written in memory of this wonderful Princess, my dear cousin Clare who was also taken from her children too soon this year and anyone who has lost a loved one so precious xxx



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