Healthy mum and baby activities to help you get back into your favourite jeans

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Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine

Our new Mummy Matters columnist Kathryn Townsend suggests some MK activities to get you healthy – and back into your favourite jeans!

Having a baby is one of the most rewarding things we as adults can do.

A child brings a whole range of new emotions, the deepest love for another human being that exists and an overwhelming desire to be the best mum or dad ever.

Before the parenthood adventure begins, however, there are a fair few things that we don’t often consider.

Our focus tends to be the cute, squishy miniature human that pops out after nine months.

We often neglect to think past the birth stage as quite rightfully getting to 40 weeks safely, or as close to, is the number one priority.

But as we cluelessly navigate parenting in those first few weeks, months and years there is suddenly a new priority that emerges – getting back…

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