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Dummy Time

Living in Milton Keynes #Charity Blogging

Lovely to see the Beckham’s standing up to the press!


We all have to ‘pick our battles’ and all children are different. My 4 year old still takes ‘Smelly One’ his beloved teddy everywhere! He was devastated last week when we left him in our UK apartment, luckily with daddy! I had to buy ‘Penguin’ to get us onto the plane and back to Spain with out a meltdown on the plane ;o)


My Husband was the tough one who helped give both our boys dummies to the ‘Dummy Fairy’ in return for a small gift when i was on night shifts!

Our battle is now the iPad before bed. They lay down and watch their favourite programme and drift off to sleep. Its 40 degrees here, they have been off school for 2 months already, totally out of routine and I need my evening ;o)

Is this wrong?

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