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March 20 · Facebook

“I’m posting this for my son and my own peace of mind, so yeah……sorry!

This is my son Lucas.
He is 11 years old.

He is the kindest, sweetest, most genuine child I could ever have been blessed with.
He has such a big heart, he loves unconditionally and his smile lights up my life.

I’m writing this, because over the last year there has been a change in Lucas.
His smiles have been replaced with tears, his passion and gusto for life has subsided and he has become a shadow of who he once was. He has lost interest in things that once made the freckles dance across his cheeks, he excludes himself from family time and he is…..well…..simply sad.

This last week, I thought I saw a change, a glimmer of hope, I thought things were looking up. He had not put up…

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