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It is that time of year again. An article to help you with the big school decision. I hope it helps and good luck.

Living in Milton Keynes #Charity Blogging

“So in 2011 it was time for my first-born to start school”

We were living in Broughton, Milton Keynes & we entered into the world of primary school applications!

Awesome primary schoolsin the area at that time were Monkston & Middleton – Both over subscribed though, so you needed to be living in the catchment area!

Broughton sadly was not represented well in its OFSTED report, however local mums said it had improved greatly.

Brooklands had a brand new school, we could walk to it but being the first pupils in the new school, scared me too.

So we looked just across the border, only 2 miles as the crow flies, to Bedfordshire and were extremely lucky to get a place in Swallowfield Lower School.

Why is this decision SO hard?

Here is a great article which may help you…

“What makes a great primary? Let’s deal…

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