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From Spain to the UK for @Mumsenterprise Event in Rickmansworth with team @LittleFishHerts

My Day at the Mums Enterprise Roadshow – 9th June 2016

@ Mums Enterprise Events

Since relocating2 Spain in 2014 and setting up  in September 2015 I have been looking for the right event to attend in the UK. I booked my tickets for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow ages ago and was really looking forward to it. I love heading back to the UK to catch up with friends but this trip was different, work mode set in. I dressed up, logo’d up #Relocating2 and set to work meeting lot’s of lovely ladies and gents.


I was nervous as I was on my own at this event, with this idea that has been in my head for 18 months and today I had to tell others about it. I did not know what to expect but it turned out to be an amazing day. Professional from the moment I arrived, friendly staff, magnificent building, lovely welcome pack, well organised and the workshops were excellent.



The event was aimed at Mums who were either looking for flexible work, considering starting their own business or had a business they wanted to grow. For me it was great to spend a day just focussing on my business. It was nice to see that I was actually 80 percent there and able learn from those who have been through the journey.

There were lots of stands where Mums could talk to people who could support them to fulfill their potential but it was the workshops I was really interested in . I really enjoyed the Adia PR session on getting free PR for your business. Ali gave us her ‘PR top tips’ and her guide to create EPIC PR for your business!

“Do not spend lots of money on advertising!”

Use Facebook @ Relocating2 Javea Twitter @ Spoole2013 @ Relocating2 @ Adia PR

I will be working on my EPIC PR Plan and would love to work with Ali one day.

The Inspired Mums team hosted another fantastic workshop about returning to work, changing career and your ‘LinkedIn‘ profile. This session was great and as I am looking for UK and worldwide relocating2 hosts I really do need to get on LinkedIn a.s.a.p. When we become a mother most of us have to change our career hours or find a job that we can do around our children. My Franchise idea for #Relocating2 may turn into just this for ambitious parents who know their town/city like the back of their hand.

After this workshop I headed off to the ‘How to charge for your services‘ talk with  Hannah Martin, from the Talented Ladies Club.

“Becoming a mum doesn’t mean you have to give up on your career. You just need to be more creative and clever about how you pursue your ambitions.”


How to charge for your services

Now this is something that I really struggle with! After 2 years of donating 100 % of my advertising PR fee to charity @ JustGiving now is the time to convert to business with a little bit of #PayItForward.

* Time to deliver

* Research 

* Hours updating the websites

* After Care

* 3 years creating successful social media platforms

* Hourly rate

Top Tips :

  1. Do not agree a price there and then! Say you will send them a quote which explains your costs clearly.

2. Never Say sorry and never negotiate first!

3. Have Good Branding.


4. Always #BounceBack

Thanks Hannah

EWIF were also at this event and they were on my ‘Talk To‘ plan for the day.

“All About EWIF: At EWIF, we’re looking to change the face of the franchise sector so that women have a much larger presence. The 2015 NatWest/bfa survey recently revealed that women now account for just 23% of franchisees in the UK. The survey also revealed that over the last two years, only 17% of new franchisees have been women.
Our primary focus is to support women who are looking for a route into the franchise industry. Our remit is threefold; to encourage women to consider buying a franchise, to encourage business women to franchise their existing operations and to help franchisors attract more women to their networks. We are a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers, providing advice and guidance to anyone looking at trying to break into the franchise industry.”

Relocating2 Franchise Information

CEO mums @ were great to talk to and I loved Nicola Huelin’s honest and frank Q & A on business and relationships. As someone currently going through this it was nice to hear others had difficulties when trying to branch away from mother and wife day to day…

It was also nice to hear that they all felt guilty about trying to balance work and motherhood. I often feel guilty in my start up stage as I am working so many hours…but I do try and take ‘time out’ and put down my phone when I pick the boys up from school.


I went back to my hotel a little emotional that night…

Good emotion as it was a really great event where I got to meet really great people. Many asked if i was exhibiting or a guest speaker which was nice (The black dress must have done the trick). With my business head on track and lots of new followers on Twitter, I look forward to the next event and the months to come…

Lindsey & Lucy @LittleFishHerts

I cannot thank you enough for putting on such a great event and I wish you all the best in the future.

If you are reading this and want to know more…

Like Mums Enterprise on Facebook

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”


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3 replies

  1. Yay! Well done 😀😀 it all sounds fab x


  2. Yay awwww amazing!!! This is such awesome stuff and I’m so pleased the event gave you what you needed. I really wanted to meet you ha xx 🙂 this just proves our events are needed and it keeps us going as thisis what it’s all about x Linds

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  3. A few typo’s – writing at 1am when writing is not your forte ;o)
    Yes it is hard to meet at events when you are hosting, know that feeling. I really wanted to write something as it really was a great day. Thank you.
    Thank you Elaine :o)


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