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No parents should ever have to face the end of their child’s life. The Henry Allen Trust

Can you help The Henry Allen Trust create EOL (Nearing the end of life) treats and wishes come true…

The mere thought defies the natural order and is unbearable to each of us. Unfortunately, some children do lose the battle. Still, they and their families always remain a part of our ‘Henry’ family. Because we focus on meeting the needs of the every family who contacts us, and we also acknowledge the heart-wrenching struggle of parents coping with their child’s last illness. The trust lost their very own 4 year old superhero yet they still help others who have to go through the same trauma…

Dawn, Mark and their amazing team of volunteers do an amazing job but they still need lots of help and support…


How do I make the most of my child’s time?

“This will depend on your child’s condition. Some children are still able to go places and do things with reasonable comfort. Do the things they want to do. Take a lot of movies of your child, take pictures, make hand prints, tape record their voice, touch them all the time, smell them, take a lock of their hair. Do as many things as a family as you can even if it is just sitting and watching TV. “

“I wish that someone had told me from the very beginning to take a million pictures, videos, recordings, etc. I don’t know how you tell someone that from the beginning, but there has to be a way. Rather than waiting until near the end of life to record your child’s voice etc, because we are not all given that opportunity in the end. . . .”

Are you a photographer, own a company that could give a family some free tickets for a day out, a movie treat or a sports treat for a super fan?

Could you donate raffle prizes, new Tombola items  for charity events?

Or can you help sponsor or donate items to fill their care packs?

Anything you can help with would be fabulous…


Make each moment of each day count and create positive family memories that you will treasure in the days and years to come. One thing I am so thankful that we did was to get many family photographs taken. Even though you have probably taken more pictures that you can count of your child, make sure that you have photographs that capture your family unity and love.”


Money raised from this appeal will help many families who have asked for help in the last few weeks…

Follow stories of thanks @

@ The Henry Allen Trust #Facebook

*** Henry’s Happiness ***

Meet the lovely Benjamin, Team Henry have been spreading even more ‘Henry’s Happiness’ 🎗

Benjamin’s Mum said: “you have put the biggest smile on my little boys face, thank you so much your all amazing” love Benjamin and family xxx

This is what your amazing pennies go towards, putting smiles on super special children and families battling childhood cancer.

Henry’s family bringing happiness to your family 🎗


As we all spend time with our families today…

Can we take a moment to think how we can help this amazing charity in Milton Keynes, UK. Sharing this article on #Twitter would be AWESOME too. Thank you for listening #PayItForward

Thank you from Sam & Dawn


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