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Amanda reviews Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park – April 2016 @gullymouse

Amanda reviews Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park – April 2016

Come face to face with some of the most fearsome, tail-thrashing predators of all time. We have unleashed more than 30 roaring dinosaurs across the park.
NEW for 2016! Discover The Lost World Of The Living Dinosaurs.
Interact with 32 life-like animatronic dinosaurs, including the terrifying tyrannosaurus
Dinosaurs Alive! We have free-roaming dinosaurs for you to meet and greet
Still only £9.95 per person!
Get ready for Jurassic adventures around every corner. Enjoy plenty of fascinating activities and attractions, including the Lost World River Tour. Drop by the Reptile and Bug Centre to meet iguanas, snakes and geckos. Perfect for kids who love creepy crawlies, face the tarantulas and scorpions if you dare.


Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park

Amanda wanted to write this review as she felt that the park receives so many unfair reviews. I personally love the Dino park in MK and I love Amanda’s review, it is honest and a joy to read. Thank you Amanda from Mum to Mum MK #Facebook

“I took my son and the children I care for to Gulliver’s Dinosaur and Farm Park yesterday. They are 2, 3 and 4 years old and they had an amazing time! When we entered the park the children were instantly amazed by the brand new electronic moving dinosaurs and the sand pit. We got to look around and read about different dinosaurs and fossils in the dinosaur park and took a boat ride around a little river (very swampy looking and I think this is the intention) a tour guide talked us through the different dinosaurs seen on the way round. A couple of the dinosaurs had fallen over or needed some TLC but so what? The children didn’t care, they thought they were sleeping! You cannot expect a place to be perfect when it’s constantly slated and doesn’t get many customers. It was quiet all day and queues were minimal. There is a ride in the dinosaur park that takes you up high above the trees to look at all the dinosaurs and the children loved pointing them out.

In the Dino park they also made their own slime which was a hit with the older two and the lady helping them was great, she made them believe they were mixing Dino bogies and they loved it. There are lots of parks and play areas dotted around the dinosaur park which are always a hit with children of all ages. The children got to dig for gems and fossils in the digging area and pan for gold. There is an indoor reptile area where the children loved pointing out snakes, turtles, lizards, chameleons, tarantulas etc. There is a cinema room at the back which shows a film about dinosaurs.

Yesterday they were displaying a party exclusive, you can ride on electronic walking dinosaurs! Children must be over 90cm. You book a time slot on arrival so there’s no queue. Call to confirm this with the venue @ Click here

Gullivers MK_March2016_1147

The farm area:

What is great about this part of the park is that it splits your day into two, the dinosaur park isn’t huge but once you are done there, you can head to the farm part which has lots to do. There is a small indoor soft play area here and a couple of diggers and tractors dotted about. This area is perfect to keep an eye on the younger ones as it is not too big and manic. There are rabbits, Guinea pigs, ponies, sheep, chickens, goats etc to see in the big barn, you get to feed baby lambs and stroke different animals in the cuddle corner too. The lambs are very tiny at the moment and so adorable!


At certain points in the year you can see crops that they have grown and can dig your own veg in the mud kitchen. There is a great park in the farm area for young ones, it is chunky and not too big. There is a fab tractor ride in the farm area too which mine loved, it follows a track around the park and the children can sit at the front with a steering wheel whilst the adults sit behind. All rides in this park can have adults on with the children which makes it fab for young children.

Bring wellies! The route to the big barn is extra muddy at the minute! I had to completely change one of mine after visiting the barn as he loves muddy puddles and he was totally drenched.

We arrived at 11.30 and left at 4.30 with things we did not manage to see (so I am not sure how people can say that there’s not much there?). The entry price is great for the attractions and play areas, and f you really make the most of it, it is a great day out. We took a picnic as there are lots of benches around the park to enjoy your lunch. The park is pretty compact, everything is quite close together so you do not have lots of walking which is great for the little ones. I would recommend this attraction for children up to 8/9 years of age, I can see why older children may not enjoy the park as much. Nearly all the rides are aimed at younger guests but it really was a fab day out for all the family.”

Thank you Amanda from Mum to Mum MK #Facebook group.

* Do check the park opening times @

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