congratulations @J_Ennis “You can be a mother and a person at the same time” @Telegraph @miltonkeynesmums

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Loving this article from The Telegraph newspaper.

“Working doesn’t make you a bad mother, and mothering doesn’t make you a bad worker.
Nobody has ever had to stress this point about fatherhood, but it seems we have to keep on saying it about motherhood”.

“It was a remarkable achievement. Just 13 months after giving birth, Jessica Ennis-Hill looked THAT good in Lycra shorts and a crop top? Unbelievable.


Oh, and then there was the whole world champion heptathlete gold-medal winning thing. Which was a bit of an added bonus.
But we ordinary mortals shouldn’t feel bad because we can’t live up to her incredible standards.
Instead, Jessica – Britain’s most remarkable sportswoman – should act as an inspiration to show that anything is possible if you want it enough.
Because what she’s shown us all in dazzling style is that there is life after childbirth – you can be a…

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