Life as a stay at home parent

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“The highs and lows of this parenting lark – a dad’s perspective.”

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Now technically I’m not a stay at home dad, although my working hours work in such a way that pretty much determine that I am.

I work full time doing split shifts so I am at home between 9am and 3pm. I always thought that stay at home parents had it easy bumbling around all day having fun playing games with their child, going to the zoo, park etc… Oh how wrong I was!

I used to go to work for my final stint only 3 hours or so and when I got back in sometimes the house used to be a mess. I was that typical bloke ‘look at the state of this place’ and ‘what have you been doing not to clean up?’ This did upset my wife from time to time and for some awful reason I had no sympathy. I can imagine that some family households…

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