A belated #FriendshipFriday :o) Mum to Mum MK where Friendship starts @MiltonKeynesMums

Living in Milton Keynes #Charity Blogging

Friendship In Milton Keynes

March 29th 2015

I loved the first post from Colleen and i love the outcome of this post even more #LoveMK

I was new to Milton Keynes in 2002 when my job in the police control room relocated to MK. A lot of us moved to the new room and learnt to get to grips with the H & V roads, roundabouts and no parking in November and December as the masses came to MK to do their Christmas shopping.

It was not until 2007 when i was pregnant with my first that i started to make ‘New’ mummy friends. Aqua natal was my first bump class, Gill suggested a coffee and we have never looked back since :o)

We went to NCT classes as bump grew and i met a lovely bunch of ladies there. I also adopted Gills NCT friends as they…

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