Minecraft Mum, Blog Recommendation

Love this as a mum of 2 boys who love Minecraft. Thank you GAMEHUB BLOG & MineMum.
“Are your kids obsessed with Minecraft? Need to learn how to install mods? Looking for party ideas? Don’t have a clue what a spider jockey is?
Well that’s what MineMum is for!”

GameHub Blog

This is a great blog by Bec Oakley all about Minecraft and some of the issues parents can have with the game. The articles are well-written, friendly, clear and straightforward, with some great practical advice for Mums and Dads. Sadly, it doesn’t look as though it’s been updated in a little while, which is a shame, but the posts are definitely worth a read. It’s accessible writing and non-intimidating style means that Minecraft Mum definitely gets our GameHub Recommendation !

Our Top Three favourite posts

1)Ten Problems That Parents Can Have With Minecraft

2)Ten Things For Parents To Love About Minecraft

and, a pressing concern for many families:

3)How To Find Family-Friendly Minecraft Videos

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