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Today we remember Henry forever 4 @HenryAllenTrust #Fundraising so he can help #StandUpToCancer

On his second anniversary Team Henry come together to share their thoughts to support Dawn & Mark…

Henry will never be forgotten because… 


“This is the day I met you Henry,the day you stole a piece of my heart, our happy,cheeky, brave superhero,forever four” ♡


“Thinking of an inspirational little boy today and the parents he left behind.” ‪#‎onewish‬


“We followed your story from the 1st article, Such a cute little boy and loving parents. We wanted to help as much as we could, GWR was created and you had the power to put grown men in onesies all over MK. I will never forget the phone call, 2 years ago, our brave superhero, forever four Henry had grown his wings. Although I never met you I promise to continue to support your lovely mummy & daddy on their charity journey, as you asked” xxx

‪#‎onewish‬ ♡

Samantha Poole 20/10/2015

“Another year has passed. Smiling down over everyone I am sure. Hope, dream, believe. RIP Henry, superhero X ‪#‎OneWish‬”


“I will never forget Henry because Rainbows mean so much more now, such a brave boy who will be in my heart forever XXX ‪#‎ONEWISH‬”



“I will never forget Henry as he always will be an inspiration, he was always smiling and thinking of the other children. Henry will always be Milton Keynes very own superhero, and not a day goes by without me thinking about him…Dawn and Mark no words can be offered that could ease your pain but be so proud of yourselves and your fantastic son his legacy will go on strength to strength” xxx

Lisa R

That he could give Dawn and Mark a hug again and for them to hear him laugh xxx


I will never forget Henry because…
“He taught me so much about courage, optimism and enjoying every second, he was and still is an amazing inspiration.
He taught me that love, compassion and bravery can unite people and that a beautiful smile will be carried in heart and mind always. Despite everything he went through he always had a smile and a hug.
This picture is my favourite of Henry – to me it is the summation of everything Henry. Love, laughter and a great big dollop of playful.
Love you Henry – today and always” #‎onewish‬


“I will never forget Henry because I met Lisa Nicole Roberts through the onesie event. I always believed Henry played a big part in bringing us together. I have been amazed by everyone in Team Henry, and he lives on in all of us ‪#‎onewish”


 “I will never forget Henry because… He taught me to keep smiling through the hardest of times. ‪#‎onewish‬ All my love and thoughts are with you both today. He will always be my little superhero.”


“I will never forget Henry because he was such a brave little boy, when no child should ever have to go through what he went through and at such a young age. Henry proved that you do not need superpowers to be a superhero! It has been 2 years since you gained your angel wings sweet one, but you will NEVER be forgotten. Fly high with the angels Henry Allen” ‪#‎onewish‬


“I will never forget Henry because he stole my heart from the day he was born! I will never forget that cheeky grin even when he was going through all his treatment and in so much pain!! And I will never forget because I’ll be his Auntie Em 4eva!!! ‪#‎onewish‬ !!”

Xxxx 💖 Xxxx


“I will never forget Angel Henry because of his amazing courage and strength! Always so brave and forever Smiling! A true super hero and inspiration at the tender age of 4. Loved and cherished always ❤ ‪#‎onewish‬”


12118878_10153666817809727_7879933752888568907_n   12122826_10153606753130803_3051576463322480057_n

“I will never forget Henry because he taught me how to smile no matter what and he showed me that strength comes from inside.” #onewish


I WILL NEVER FORGET HENRY BECAUSE He became a big part of my little ladies life’s there’s not a day goes by where he isn’t spoke about” #‎onewish


I will never forget Henry because…
“His smile always brightened up everyone’s day and he is the bravest little superhero I will ever know!” ❤❤


“I will never forget Henry because his little smile brightened the saddest days, because he entered my heart from the moment I met him and he will always have a special place there.” ‪#‎onewish‬


I will never forget Henry Allen… 
“Because his laugh and smile was infectious, just one small boy brought the whole community together, even though it has been 2 years he still continues to do this
Henry you are always in my thoughts, I was so lucky you was a big part of my life and you still are.”



“I will never forget Henry because he is a special little boy 💙 Lots of amazing memories that will stay in my heart forever 💙 Shine bright superhero 💙 Henry Allen the boy who stole our hearts” 💙 ‪#‎onewish‬


“I will never forget Henry because he has the most beautiful smile that you could see from miles away , Fly high little superhero never forgotten always in our hearts” 💙 ‪#‎onewish‬ xxx


“I will never forget Henry because he stole my heart the first time I met him. Henry will always be the bravest little superhero I know with a smile that just melts your heart. 2 years ago today Henry gained his angel wings. Henry you’re in our hearts always” 😘💔HDB💔 ‪#‎onewish‬


“I will never forget Henry because he always made me smile and he was a big part of all our lives” ❤
‪#‎onewish‬ xxx


“I will never forget Henry because he stole my heart the day I met him! He was the most courageous, gorgeous special little boy, having a pretend sword fight, him jumping on me then giving me a Henry hug, was the most memorable day ever! Never ever will you be forgotten little man” 🌟🌈💙

‪#‎onewish‬ xxxx Hope, Dream, Believe xxxx


“I will never forget the cheeky boy who ran off with my camera and started taking photos at the penny drop. The superstar who taught me so much. I breathe Lydia in every day and my heart breaks for your loss Dawn Allen and Mark. My one wish would be that no other children have to go through childhood cancer. Keep fighting.” ‪#‎onewish‬ ‪#‎hopedreambelieve‬


“I’ll never forget Henry because no matter what he was going through he still managed a smile. He would often say “play with me Auntie She” I wish I could hear him say that again.”‪#‎onewish‬

12096561_10153352054549615_2181751828316338785_n   1383208_10151754651083925_654449051_n

“I will never forget Henry because of his infectious smile, his Henry hugs and because of the way he has bought everyone together, because he is Henry. 2 years does not seem possible. miss you little dude and thinking of you as always.”

Hope, Dream, Believe 💕✨ 


“I will never forget Henry because I never thought I would meet a real superhero, one who would change my life, and the lives of so many others. Forever four years old, you taught so many, so much. Henry you live on in the hearts of thousands of people, you left mummy and daddy treasured memories, and a lifetime legacy. Your legacy will live on and you are remembered with so much love. Fly high Henry.” xxx #Onewish 


“Never forgotten, and will always be our Milton Keynes super hero! I wish for Dawn and Mark to take comfort in all these messages. Twinkle twinkle little star, we all know what you are, be bright tonight for your mum and dad.”



“Sadly I never had the opportunity of meeting this little man but he sure has made a massive impact on my life, along with his amazing mummy and daddy. I have done things I would never have dreamt of before. Thank you Henry, I for one will never forget you.” #Onewish


I will never forget Henry because …
“He made the biggest imprint on my heart, the most incredible little superhero I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Henry will always have such a massive impact on my life, for that reason amongst many others I will never forget.




Today we remember xxx

Fly high Henry

The Henry Allen Trust – Henry’s Happiness
Yesterday at 07:45

The Henry Allen Trust

“Ours hearts are absolutely broken 💔

Today marks the last day and night Mark and I spent with our amazing little man.
Would never ask you to imagine our pain as I would never, ever want anyone to ever go through what Henry, Mark and I have.
Wishing so much I could turn back time… Wishing I was holding your hand, wishing I could bring you back here and that you wasn’t ‘there’.
I can’t believe tomorrow marks a whole 2 years since you gained your angel wings.


At 3.15pm on the 20th October our world will be forever changed, forever broken and our family torn apart. Devastated!
Love you so very much and missing you hurts – Daddy and I are living in hell right now…

Thank you to everyone for your super kind messages of support and changing your profile picture to remember little man.
Team Henry! As always your incredible!

Time doesn’t get easier.
Mark and I will never come to terms with losing our little man.
We will not ever ‘get over it’
Our little man was a miracle and we will never have another child.
Time doesn’t heal…

Unfortunately, learning to live without our little boy is the hardest thing in the world. NO parent should ever face this.
NO child should have to battle childhood cancer!

Please can I ask you all to take a moment tomorrow and remember our superhero.
My biggest fear is Henry will be forgotten 💔

The only thing we have left is our precious memories, memories of our brave little man whose smile and Henry’s hugs were super special.
Thank you everyone for supporting Henry’s last wish.

It was one of the last things Henry said to Mark and I and this is why The Henry Allen trust was born.

Featured Image -- 3464

Henry’s legacy ❤
Little man right until the end you always, always thought of others ❤❤❤

Over the next few days until Henry’s celebration of life its going to be super hard and we are sorry if we don’t respond to trust messages / personal messages and take some time out to deal with our journey. We hope you understand.

Hope, dream, believe xxx

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