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congratulations @J_Ennis “You can be a mother and a person at the same time” @Telegraph @miltonkeynesmums

Loving this article from The Telegraph newspaper.

“Working doesn’t make you a bad mother, and mothering doesn’t make you a bad worker.
Nobody has ever had to stress this point about fatherhood, but it seems we have to keep on saying it about motherhood”.

“It was a remarkable achievement. Just 13 months after giving birth, Jessica Ennis-Hill looked THAT good in Lycra shorts and a crop top? Unbelievable.


Oh, and then there was the whole world champion heptathlete gold-medal winning thing. Which was a bit of an added bonus.
But we ordinary mortals shouldn’t feel bad because we can’t live up to her incredible standards.
Instead, Jessica – Britain’s most remarkable sportswoman – should act as an inspiration to show that anything is possible if you want it enough.
Because what she’s shown us all in dazzling style is that there is life after childbirth – you can be a mother and a person at the same time. Yep, really. Shocking isn’t it?”

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We had a proud mothers moment on our Facebook group the other day and I loved it!

Claire Of The Beauty Room MK

“I thought I would start a discussion if no one minds.
We talk about our children on here a lot, but we are still us not just mums. I think mums need to take the time to be proud of themselves and tell other people who you may inspire and create some lovely positivity on the way.
So other than having your children what are you most proud of yourself for? Can be anything from losing weight to completing a degree, to anything you are proud of.
I will start the discussion in the comments below…

We had some amazing comments and we hope they inspire our readers…

“I am proud of myself for carrying on in life, after I lost my husband, was bullied at work, got fleeced for a lot of money and had a nervous breakdown. I have built myself back up, built 2 successful businesses and feel happy in myself and in my life (more or less except that wobbly bottom!!) Ok next person”


“I am proud of myself, I too lost my husband, have picked myself up bringing up two teenager boys setting up my own business. Life is good again and I am happy. I have had a few wobbly times and probably more to come but I am stronger than ever so can handle what life chucks at me now.”


“I am proud of myself for making it out of a mentally abusive relationship and managing to become so much stronger, bettering my health and putting weight on.”


“I am proud of myself for over coming depression a few years ago and finally being able to talk to someone about it, and becoming an even better person.”


“Well I’m proud of myself for being a single mum for 6 years, with no family either to help, starting my own business, escaping an abusive relationship finding myself again buying my own house and finally finding happiness again. You are all amazing by the way xxx”


“Aww this is a lovely post! I had a son with someone who decided he didn’t want to be involved. I spent a few months getting all the help I could take thinking I am going to be stuck that way, a single mum with nothing, who can’t afford to go back to work and who’s going to want to take on me and a baby. Well I put myself on a dating website and met an amazing man who has taken on and brought up my son since he was 4 months old. My son is 3 in January and calls him Daddy. I went back to work shortly after meeting him and decided to recently start-up my own business along-side my nanny job. Honestly, I never thought I had the brains or confidence to start a business of my own but proud I’ve done it! We are also in the process of buying a house and move in November time!”


“Wow! I am proud of you all for overcoming such huge obstacles.
I am proud of myself for surviving a near fatal haemorrhage and emergency hysterectomy last year. Since then I’ve started a degree (which I never believed I was clever enough for), am raising 7 children and have realised that life is precious, never take it for granted”


“I am proud of myself for pulling myself out of very bad depression, being 20 and raising 3 young children, and getting rid of negative people in my life that wanted to pull me down”.


“I am proud of myself from overcoming homelessness at 18, being able to buy my own flat at 20. Having a good stable job, pushing myself to start an OU degree, passing my driving test, now looking to buy a new house for my little family. Now planning a wedding. All within the last 5-years. Getting to my weight loss goal would just be the icing on the cake really.”


“Just about to sit my final exam of my psychology degree, which I started before the girls were born it has been tough but will be worth it in the end”.


“I am proud of myself for getting through my course after falling pregnant in university and still completing my Diploma in adult nursing. It was very difficult commuting 3 days a week, but I did it, and I work as a fully qualified nurse, with a wonderful happy baby boy who is now 2-years old. I can’t believe I have been qualified a whole year!”


“I was a single mum to my first son (who is 25 today) worked hard, started my own business and bought my first property by the time I was 26. Now happily married with 5 children and numerous pets. Haven’t had the battles many of you have had so well done to everyone!”


“I am from Sri Lanka, one of the most beautiful Islands in this world. I came to England with my husband and a suitcase. Me and my husband worked very hard. Still working and have contributed lots of tax to the country where we have residence. We have not claimed any benefits as we think we can do lot more to help  this society. We have our own lovely property here, have set up a new party business recently which is very popular in these days, and we have two beautiful children. I am really proud of where I am today.


“I love this post Claire! I am proud of myself for simply just being me. I am strong, resilient, an amazing mum, brilliant wife, a loyal friend, great big sister and an awesome daughter. I have overcome some gigantic hurdles in life, that have taught me I have the power and ability to jump more. I am able to enjoy being me, make my own decisions, believe in myself and celebrate it all. My moto is that as woman and mothers, we are the secret superheroes of this world. Ladies you are all AMAZING, I salute you all! Stay fabulous lovelies.”


This is a very inspiring post . I battled the darkest depression after my son was born but I managed to renovate our farm-house and build a business from scratch, using only my drive and determination. I have faced so many slamming doors on that journey I have no idea how I ever did it with such bad depression. I also have an Msc and a good career I can fall back on which took a lot of work to get .I’m in a phase at the moment where I feel pretty useless so writing the things I have achieved feels like someone else’s achievements rather than my own!”


“I am proud of myself for being strong enough to know when enough was enough, walking away from the wrong people and situations and making a better life for me and my son. My journey is nowhere near over, but I am proud of my strength and perseverance and willingness to face many more challenges to achieve my dreams and show my children that they can achieve theirs too.”


“I am very proud, despite suffering from severe pnd and anxiety following the birth of my first son in September 2014 I am getting out there and helping others. I’ve recently set up a Facebook page called PND & Anxiety in Milton Keynes and hoping to support and help as many ladies (and men) as I can! My experience from becoming a new mum wasn’t what all the books and people had promoted, but severe sleep deprivation, horrendous anxiety and desperation of wanting to feel normal and enjoy this new role in my life! No-one prepared me for adapting to this new life and I received bad care from mental health services in this area.

I am striving to make changes and encouraging women to talk about how they are feeling! (It is so important in aiding recovery)…/PND-Anxiety…/753294338149405
I have had positive feedback so far and want to spread the word that we are here to help.



“Thank you for this lovely post Claire, we love to support women here and I do love how everyone supports each other @ Mum to Mum – Milton Keynes. I am proud of starting this group, creating, raising nearly £2,500 for The Henry Allen Trust – Henry’s Happiness (just from this group) and now starting out as a ‘Mumpreneur’ Relocating2 Milton Keynes and Relocating2 Javea. One day at a time #ReachOut #Depression #Anxiety awareness”

From Claire: “The response on this post has been amazing, thank you all for sharing. You should all be so very proud of yourselves. I wish everyday mummies overcoming life’s struggles could be celebrated more often.”

Thank you for sharing ladies and we will keep this post to inspire others when they need hope…

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