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MAD Blog Awards for UK

The UK’s biggest and best awards for Mum and Dad bloggers.


Friday night saw the sixth annual MAD Blog Awards for UK parent bloggers, at the rather swanky Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London.

“Around 120 bloggers joined us for an evening of drinking, dancing and celebrating everything that’s amazing about our blogging community”.

Check out the winning blogs here @

Two Blogs that really stood out for me were:

‘Downs Side Up’

“I’m Hayley Goleniowska, founder of Downs Side Up, which started as a way of sharing our story and resources with other parents with a child with Down’s syndrome. The blog quickly took on a life of its own, and is now the hub for many other branches such as publishing, advocacy, public speaking, media work, training and so on. The motivation, however remains the same, to allow people to see what Down’s syndrome really means today, how we are all different yet share so very much in common, regardless of our abilities.

My mission is now to inspire new parents, show the world that many incredible things are possible for our children, and shout out that Down’s syndrome truly is wonderful and that life will carry on, there will be challenges, but you will not regret or wish to change any of it”.

“I don’t want other parents to feel the overwhelming despair I did in the early days, due to my own ignorance, or to waste precious time getting over the shock of Down’s syndrome. I can’t turn back the clock and relive those early days, but I can buy time for new parents and support them. Through our words and pictures, our resources and by bringing the community together, we aim to support other families at what can be a difficult transition in the early days”.

Like their Facebook page @

Twitter @

Congratulations to Down Side Up, a wonderful blog and a wonderful family. Another blog that is raising money for charity.

“As a team we have helped raise over £12,000 for neonatal and Down’s syndrome charities since the blog began. This helps to raise vital funds for research and essential support such as speech therapy as well as breast pumps to help Mums of newborns staying in hospital”.


And the Best Blog Writer is @TheUnmumsyMum. Very well deserved 🙂 #MadBlogAwards

The Unmumsy Mum
“Juggling the threenager and baby combo, not always successfully. Writing for Huff Post and @ExeterLifemag. Tackling my first book. I hang out on Facebook a lot”.

Crib meets Crèche, Devon ·

My sister in law invited me to like this Facebook page a while ago and it has made me chuckle ;o)


Lesson 46: Ten Things You Swore You Wouldn’t Do As Parents (But Do)

1) You willingly pick up your infant, and sniff his bum. Not a quick sniff of the general area, but a full inhalation of nappy aroma by burying your face deep into the backside of his sleepsuit.

2) You refer to your spouse as ‘Mummy’ or ‘Daddy’, all the time, out of habit. You will try SO hard not to do this but sometimes you will let yourself down.

7) You care less about what you look like. Not all the time – sometimes you will care more. You will care quite a lot if you are going to come into contact with people who knew you before you incubated two small humans (your worst nightmare being them thinking you have ‘let yourself go.’) But daily life with kids gets in the way of self-maintenance, you will neglect to shave your legs, lazily throw that hoody on again (the comfy one with the baked beans stain), find yourself in your dressing gown at 6.45pm eating fish fingers straight off the baking tray and conclude that yes, you have indeed let yourself go a bit.

Read more @

Facebook @

“Owner of two small boys, documenting the shits and giggles. Lover of tea and wine and gin. Sorry for the profanity. Email:”

Searson Fox ‏@searsonfox
“A big fat well deserved well done to @TheUnmumsyMum she makes you laugh, makes you cry and most of all makes you realise you’re not alone!”

I really do love reading and sharing great blogs! Congratulations to you!

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2 replies

  1. Thank you so so much, your words mean a lot. My blog is quite niche so I am always delighted when people read it. Unmumsy Mum is new to me and having heard so many wonderful things about her at the MADS I’m off to read her blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are most welcome. I have 3 friends who would love your blog. Their children are awesome and I think your support to new parents is awesome too! You will inspire many on you journey and i look forward to your updates & posts. Thank you for sharing.


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