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The accidental #Blogger 12 months in #Charity #Blogging #wordpress In #Miltonkeynes #MK #CharityAwareness

The accidental #Blogger 12 months in #Charity #Blogging In #MiltonKeynes

So I’ve called myself the ‘accidental blogger’ because…

I am learning daily, my blog is not very personal but my charity section and my charity journey is. I am not a confident writer and very scared of making mistakes on this very public platform. I am good at selling, PR, marketing though so I am loving learning more about that. Social Media is #Amazing and what it does for charity work is #Awesome

I am really enjoy reading other people’s blogs, I love their honesty about mental heath, weight, PND, depression, life, death and more. I might grow to be more personal in my blog but I do find this very hard. I do try to share ‘written from the heart’ posts as I admire how brave those people are when they share. So much on-line support is there for those who dare to share. Thank you to everyone who offers advice and support to those in need.

I love this article from ‘You Baby Me Mummy’

“I started this blog to record our family memories. So our daughter could look back and see how much we loved her every day she was growing up. A modern-day baby book. As I began writing down our memories, I started to realise that the process of writing is cathartic, it helps me in so many ways. Last year, I was diagnosed with PND, which was a shock. I stupidly never thought that it would happen to me. I am a pro active, get up and go kind of person, a do-er. Plus, I had finally got my little girl, everything I had wanted for many years, how could I be depressed? I soon realised it is something that you have no control over. Whether it’s a chemical imbalance or your reaction to that imbalance, it is certainly isn’t a matter of choice or character. Things that you normally can do, become a struggle. Your confidence is low and silly things cause you stress. You can be in such a happy setting, an amazing family day out, yet a feeling of incredible sadness washes over you”.

You feel like you are the only person going through feelings, situations, hard times, then you read these stories and realise you are not alone! Strong people are often the ones who suffer in silence and we need to learn to be brave.

Please reach out to counselling services, a professional, a friend or family member if your strength is breaking down daily…

counselling_quote2   Therapy-rocks-mocha-600x450

I am still 14 months into a life changing relocation from Milton Keynes to Spain but I LOVE Milton Keynes and it is very easy to miss local business in this vast city (not sure we will ever get that status but that is what it is ;o) )

I relocated to Milton Keynes in 2002 and it was not until 2007 when I had my first-born that I really made ‘local’ friends.

Aqua natal, NCT, baby massage and then our Mum to Mum Coffee mornings / charity events. I miss my girls dearly so I am often popping back to the land of H & V’s!

This is why I share local groups, local business and more! Beautiful friendships have been created through our Facebook page.

The Henry Allen trust moved me into another chapter of friendships.

I received a message just the other day re my friend Dawn Allen aka ‘Henry’s Mummy’. They could not believe that we only met properly, in person last weekend. We had an amazing 4 hours, talking, laughing, crying in parts and I admire this woman even more. In 2013 I read a story in the local paper, I raised some money for little Henry, I then held a big Onesie World Record event for this little boy who I had not met…

From one mum to another mum, I felt her pain every day and I just wanted to help. My charity journey after losing my nephew Mason, gave me the strength to help and gave me a bond with Dawn that will never be broken.

I continue to help today because the trust is doing amazing things for childhood cancer in the UK.

Dawn is helping others in so many ways and is the most ‘selfless’ person I know (even though she does not think she is doing enough) #Amazing #Inspirational

Milton Keynes Mums has raised £2,240 for charity with help from Facebook, WordPress and Twitter. My target was £500 and now we stand at £2,240! #Amazing

So far my charity journey possibly exceeds £34,000 and I will continue to raise awareness & donate back to charity as I start a brand new venture from the confidence I gained right here! 

11210398_872638609440043_8472322417376805862_n   Featured Image -- 1970

I look forward to working with The Henry Allen Trust, planning a big charity event, supporting local mums and local business. I look forward to making new friends, working with new companies and starting my own business. Not sure my ‘fairy godmother’ alter ego is going to make me a good business woman but will give it my best shot! I want my boys to be proud of me and find Samantha again. I have missed work since I had to ‘resign’ in 2011 to care for my son’s as my husband ran his lighting company from home.

At home on my own, blogging gave me a ‘job’ a place to learn, develop skills and develop business ideas.

Please wish me luck as I move in to my next chapter…

Thank you for following and being patient.

The Accidental Blogger

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  1. Thanks so much for referencing my post, that is very kind xx


  2. Lots and lots of luck, you’ll be a star 🙂 x

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  3. Well done, Sam. Keep on blogging, baby. xxx

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