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#WearYellowForSeth update

#WearYellowforSeth update

I know a lot of my friends & Family wore yellow for Seth, so will be as delighted as me to see this update :o)

“We still have a journey ahead of us and no one knows yet what challenges we will face. We still do not know if Seth’s body is able to educate the new cells, we still do not know what the GVHD in his skin is going to do or if it will respond to treatment. But we have come so far.

Seth’s consultant gave a good analogy- “you can put the champagne in the fridge, but don’t drink it”. We’re not at the ‘job done’ stage yet.

However, there has been one development this week……

Yep, we have been so lucky as to be able to bring Seth home!!! We said our goodbyes to Newcastle…”

Thinking of you all & may your road ahead be as bright as little Seth is #LoveHisSmile x


See his updates here @ WordPress

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