Mum to Mum Milton Keynes

From 20 mums in Milton Keynes to over 12,600 Facebook members – Visit the new website @

My Charity Journey @Miltonkeynesmums £1,250 raised in 7 months #Advertising for #Charity

£1770 now raised #Awesome

Mum to Mum Milton Keynes

Wow! How awesome is this news.

£1,250 raised for Dreams & Wishes for @HenryAllenTrust in just 8 months. An idea that has progressed into a grand sum of Money for the trust.

Our Idea to ask for a donation to advertise on our Facebook Page has received mixed feedback…

“Why should we pay to advertise on a free page?”

This is true but why should you be able to advertise to 3,600 mums in MK, get business and not ‘Pay it Forward’ when the ‘admin’ run and create for the group ‘for free’.


Luckily over 80 companies in MK have donated so far and here we are!

My charity Journey has been with me since i was small, Sue Ryder was our high street shopping experience when i was young. With parents who both worked hard, the recession hit our family harder in the 80’s.

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