Dads in #MiltonKeynes #Facebook #Support Join ‘Husbands and Fathers / Boys Only’

Mum to Mum MK was created a few years ago now to have all my ‘Mummy’ friends in one place.

A lot has happened over the past 2 years and the group has grown to over 4,000 members.

We have raised thousands for charity and it is a place where friendships and groups begin.

We have added a few men along the way as they have supported the charity and advertise with us, however we are primarily a ‘mums’ group. However we feel strongly that ‘Stay at home daddies’ need support too.


So one of our ‘Cool’ dads has been inspired to start up his own ‘Dads group’

Simon Williams of FitMK is our Cool Dad Alert:

“I was actually inspired to set up my own group off the back of being invited to join this one – it has been great, only in a short time some the guys on there have been talking about not connecting with babies and issues that affect the lads. I have kept it as ‘Boys only’ as I want the guys to be able to ask anything and only have the guys perspective and interestingly they really challenge you and not necessarily take the ‘husbands/man’s’ side. Anyway we have about 90 members so far but if any of your husbands or partners would like to join then please check out – Hope this is OK and cool with you Samantha Poole :o)

Husbands and Fathers / Boys Only

So if you are a dad in MK that needs some dad folk to chat too, here is a group for you :o)

Thanks Simon!

There are also so many cool dads #Blogging these days too!

This is a great way to connect with those feelings of Isolation, you are not alone…

“So you want to know about us? What, really? Oh, ok… here goes. I’m Tom, a 30-something bloke who likes writing among other things that I used to have time for. The two main protagonists you’ll read about on Diary of the Dad are my sons, Dylan and Xander. Despite robbing us of sleep and slowly destroying our house on a daily basis, we – my wife/best friend, Kate, and I – think they’re awesome and this is why I write about them.

Dylan was born in 2010 and Diary of the Dad followed suit the same year once I had caught up a little on lost sleep and gathered my thoughts. Xander followed in 2012 and I was lucky enough to be able to announce his impending arrival when I somehow or other won the Best Baby Blog category at the 2011 MAD Blog Awards.

Every week, if I get the chance, I share my musings about parenthood and the things that Dylan and Xander get up to as they reach each exciting new stage. I’m sure they’ll grow up to find this embarrassing, so if you’re a best mate reading this 20 odd years into the future, you should find some good material for your best man’s speech somewhere on these pages.

For everyone else reading between now and then, I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as the boys seem to enjoy inspiring it and as much as I enjoy writing it”.

“The parent blogging community is certainly home to thousands of Mummy bloggers, but Dad bloggers are a hugely important part of our community.

Today, men make up around 8% of our community, and they are increasingly high-profile, with many Dad bloggers featuring regularly in the media and in our parent blogger awards.

To help you discover more Dads in the Tots100 community, here’s our most recent top 10 Dad bloggers, based on the Tots100 ranking system”.

Top 10 Dad Blogs

One Dad 3 Girls
Skint Dad
Slouching towards Thatcham
Reluctant Housedad
The Dadventurer
The Dad Network
Read it Daddy!
Daddy Daydream
Diary of the Dad

Top 10 Dad Blogs 2016


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