Passport Photo Locations in MK #QuestionTime @MiltonKeynesMums

A very popular question on Mum to Mum MK

“Best place in milton keynes to get kids passport photos done please?”


“If ‘baby / toddler’ passport photos, use Snappy Snaps in the city centre, £10 for 6 photos. Otherwise photobox are £5 only” (several in central MK but also most supermarkets)

“We went to Snappy Snaps on Sunday and they were great. They were patient with my 2 year old who was not co-operating! They told my husband to remove his glasses because the reflection affects the biometrics. They also said to remove my 5 year old’s hair slides. Husband and daughter nearly used photo booth and their photos might have been rejected if they had! £10 per person but worth it if it means your photos are accepted first time“.


“I went to Woburn Sands post office



Photos of children Children must be on their own in the picture. Babies must NOT be holding toys or using dummies.

Children under 6 don’t have to be looking directly at the camera or have a neutral expression.

Children under 1 don’t have to have their eyes open. If their head is supported by a hand, the hand mustn’t be visible in the photo.

Cost: It costs £46 to get a child passport online or by post, or £55.75 using the Post Office Passport Check and Send service.

3 thoughts on “Passport Photo Locations in MK #QuestionTime @MiltonKeynesMums

  1. Snappy snap have awesome customer service!!! My little baby girl doesn’t wanna sit steady a minute. I didn’t expect that I can do a photo for her for passport. They did it quick and easy. Thank you very much.

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