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A belated Friendship Friday @ Mum to Mum MK

Friendship In Milton Keynes

March 29th 2015

I loved the first post from Colleen and I love the outcome of this post even more #LoveMK

I was new to Milton Keynes in 2002 when my job in the police control room relocated to MK. A lot of us moved to the new room and learnt to get to grips with the H & V roads, roundabouts and no parking in November and December as the masses came to MK to do their Christmas shopping.

It was not until 2007 when I was pregnant with my first that I started to make ‘New’ mummy friends. Aqua natal was my first bump class, Gill suggested a coffee and we have never looked back since :o)

We went to NCT classes as bump grew and I met a lovely bunch of ladies there. I also adopted Gills NCT friends as they were an awesome bunch too!

Then H and I did a baby massage course, out of my area as there was not space on my local one (Health Visitors usually have details on baby massage courses). After Six weeks Debbie plucked up the courage as the course ended to “meet for coffee PLEASE” and 8 years later these lovely ladies are still my BFF’s.

So I think I have been lucky in the ‘Mummy Friends’ department but it all started with one of us suggesting the meet up, both/all meeting a few times to get to know one another and it grew from there…

Mum to Mum MK really is a special group, to be able to post this and receive so many lovely replies is just #Awesome.

Introducing Colleen.

“Ok ladies, I’ve consumed some wine! And I really don’t want to seem a saddo, But how do you meet FRIENDS these days? I look at this photo, and I find it quite sad that I don’t actually have real friends, you know like you see in the movies. Girlfriends always there, sisters before misters! BFF? I’m sure some of you lucky few do, I see it on my “friends” walls all the time. So anyway my point is when you have a baby and then stay home, what do you do? Do you go play sessions? And pick somebody? Then say, can we be best pals?! (yeah sorry that’s my kid kicking off in the corner eating play dough, gotta go!!)

I think the older we get the harder it is to make friends. How do we solve this?!! And breathe


333 comments later!

“Putting this out there is one way, everyone has this just have to make the first move to make a connection otherwise everyone sits waiting to make new friends and no one does. Once you’ve a connection whether through school or park make sure you make the effort to stay connected”

“I am the same! I moved to MK when going through a divorce and it was a mucky one. Then I worked and worked. Then i met a guy and we had a baby and now we are married! Lol. So i have the family, I have the kids, I have the husband, but i don’t have any friends. My closest friend lives in Corby and neither of us drive so we see each other maybe once a year! I have no idea how to make friends anymore. I try being friendly and helping people and I try going to groups. Just always feel like i’m on the outside looking in all the time! I never made friends at work because i was promoted quickly and once in a position of authority its not easy to make friends! I keep telling myself that it will happen, but only time will tell I suppose!”

Samantha Poole “Arrange a meet up ladies, looks like you have at least 1 thing in common x Colleen Barrett well done for ‘plucking up the courage'”

“Wow what an amazing post. I think most stay at home mums are in this situation especially from reading some of the comments! I am also looking to make some new friends, have got too comfortable and don’t go out enough to meet new people! Would love to meet people for girlie fun but also people for play dates if anyone is interested add me i have a 3 yr old and an 8month old. Well done Colleen for starting this off, hope the heads ok today lol”

“Hi all, I am part of a ladies only social group for 18-45 year olds called MK circle who meet up in evenings – doing various things, pub nights, cinema, pamper nights, cooking lessons and some fundraising for charity. It is a random group with all sorts of ladies, including mums and we always welcome new members. It is not cliquey and although you have to pluck up the courage to come to the first night, everyone will make you feel welcome. I have made some lovely friends who I wouldn’t know otherwise. Our website is: or like our Facebook page @


Then BFF Mum’s in MK was created @

Then 1 month later – 29th April 2015 this piece of wonderful happened! Well done ladies!

“Dear mum to mum /admin. I just wanted to say thanks firstly for a wonderful group! Thanks to you guys and my post about having girlfriends I have made my own little community of mum’s making friends! I love it, and the lovely ladies it has bought into my life!!! Just wanted to share a pic of a few of us meeting for the first time at thrift farm”.


It takes a lot to run a Facebook Group, to keep it a special place, to support a local charity daily and keep it a ‘friendly’ place but seeing this post makes it all worth it! Thank you to all the ‘Admin’ friends who do this daily for us!

Loving your work ladies & If you are reading this post and want to meet up. Join their group and enjoy x


Maybe the next event may include wine @Colleen lol

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