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My Charity Journey @Miltonkeynesmums £1,250 raised in 7 months #Advertising for #Charity

Wow! How awesome is this news.

£1,250 raised for Dreams & Wishes for @HenryAllenTrust in just 8 months. An idea that has progressed into a grand sum of Money for the trust.

Our Idea to ask for a donation to advertise on our Facebook Page has received mixed feedback…

“Why should we pay to advertise on a free page?”

This is true but why should you be able to advertise to 3,600 mums in MK, get business and not ‘Pay it Forward’ when the ‘admin’ run and create for the group ‘for free’.


Luckily over 80 companies in MK have donated so far and here we are!

My charity Journey has been with me since i was small, Sue Ryder was our high street shopping experience when i was young. With parents who both worked hard, the recession hit our family harder in the 80’s.

Donating to local charity shops is vital to some families. It is lovely to see this new facility ‘MK Storehouse’ open in Milton Keynes and if you can help them by donating clothes I know they would love to hear from you. Helping the less fortunate with nice clothes to wear to school and  at home rather than selling them for a couple of pounds, makes a huge impact on young lives.

I loved to dance and our local dance group was run by two awesome ladies who volunteered. We did many charity events to raise money for the club and our dance costumes.

We lost my nan to Cancer when i was 11 years old, my mum was 27 and had just become a mum for the 3rd time. Cancer awareness and fundraising for Cancer charities have always been close to my heart since that day.

Loosing an Inspirational friend to breast cancer at 39 was also very sad.

Seeing Molly DJ to raise funds, with her bright pink hair will stay with me forever #InspirationalLady.

Most successful charity work is linked to a heart breaking story and it is a heart breaking story that kick started our Charity Journey in 2005…

My Nephew was born prematurely in 2004, after 6 weeks he sadly gained his angel wings. My brother wanted to help the Special Care Baby Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and pledged to raise £20,000. Charity Auctions, pool competitions, raffles, Discos, fun days and more followed throughout 2005/6.

After 18 months, working full time and working on the charity full time, we did it! £22,500 in total. It was the hardest, most emotional and challenging time of my life. We were able to buy resuscitation units and a vital piece of equipment for SCBU and everyone was so appreciative. We felt a real sense of community working together to raise these vital funds and when Mason’s plaque was unveiled at the hospital the emotions overcame us. Appreciation from doing charity work is very good for the soul, sadly we could not change the past but hopefully we improved the future for other poorly babies.

Then the time came for my first baby, my first of 2 boys and this is when you realise how precious little lives are. They are 3 and 8 now and when Harvey started school, the PTA charity called.

Picnic’s in the playground, Afternoon tea, bringing back school discos, quiz nights, refreshment stalls and more. New friends were made, lots of pennies were raised and i really enjoyed our PTFA events.

Whilst organising all these fun events an article caught my eye…

“The Henry Allen Appeal, a little boy needed to raise £500,000”

I did not know this little boy but I wanted to help him and his family. I had a bucket at Harvey’s 6th birthday party and we also took it to our Mum to Mum coffee morning. A simple bucket and kind family raised £125. Several Months later the appeal became more serious and the ‘Onesie Weekender’ was created.

Sadly another little boy was to gain his angel wings too early in life…


I admire parents who create amazing charities after deep sorrow and loss. As I have said many times, Dawn and Mark inspire me every day. Please like their Facebook page @

I feel very privileged to support The Henry Allen Trust and will always try and help charities close to my heart always. This is me and I will never change, charity work has become a huge part of my life and i wish to thank those who support me daily. Thank you ‘Team Henry’ for accepting my help and becoming my friend, you are all amazing!

“Maybe my Charity Journey will inspire you to create something from nothing”.

Samantha Poole 2015

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank, diary of Anne Frank

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
― John Bunyan

“Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich


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