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Interview with Rachel Kowalski: author of Postnatal Anxiety – My Experience

Please do not suffer in silence x
“PANDAS is the leading UK charity in supporting families suffering from pre (antenatal) and postnatal illnesses. PANDAS vision is to support every individual, family and carer suffering with perinatal mental health illnesses. We campaign to raise awareness and remove the stigma.

We provide our PANDAS Help Line, Support Groups, and online advice to all and much more”.

PANDAS Guest Blog

Hi Rachel! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! It’s clear that your writing has already helped many women – what kind of feedback have you received regarding your blog about postnatal anxiety?
I have received some really lovely feedback. As we know, post natal anxiety and depression can still be a taboo subject so I think people are grateful to read about other peoples experiences. I know I am. I hope that people in the same position as me can take some comfort knowing they aren’t alone as it can all feel so isolating.
I’m a big advocate of meditation as a way of combating anxiety. Can you recommend any specific guided relaxation recordings to our readers?
I use the meditation recordings that came with the Charles Linden method pack that I used in the first stages of recovery. Those worked really well for me…

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