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Friendship Friday #Inspirational #Mum #Friend #TeamGeorge £72,000 raised for SSNAP @miltonkeynesmums

Following our post on Inspirational Mothers in Milton Keynes, I received this beautiful email, asking us to highlight how special Kirsty is…

“Hi Sam

I saw your ‘inspirational mum’ post on Facebook linked to ‘Emily’s Star’ today which prompted me to email you about a very close friend of mine, called Kirsty.


Kirsty and her husband Jonny sadly lost their baby boy George after complications arose during the final minutes of labour. She had a healthy pregnancy and was eagerly awaiting George’s arrival. They had moved into their new house the day before her labour started and they had been in such a rush to ensure the nursery was ready for his arrival. Kirsty was already overdue, she went into labour the early hours of the next day where everything was going perfectly at the beginning. However George was deprived of oxygen in the final stages of labour.
He was transferred to John Radcliffe hospital but tragically George lost his battle and went to sleep on 2nd December 2013.

Being pregnant at the time with my second child, I worried that she may push me away from the support I wanted (and needed) to give her and if she would have, I would have understood. It just didn’t seem fair that I was carrying my healthy baby when her world had just fell apart losing hers. However I needn’t have worried. Kirsty was amazing, how she had the courage and determination to keep going I will never know. I truly admired her then and I still do.

Even now, I tell her regularly how amazing she is and what an inspiration she is.

Out of George’s tragedy brought some hope though. Kirsty along with her husband set up ‘Team George’. Team George were raising money for SSNAP, Support for the Sick Newborns and their Parents, they wanted to give back to those amazing people who had helped them at John Radcliffe and help other parents if they ever had the misfortune of being in theirs or a similar situation.

Now just going back to Kirsty. She had friends around her who were pregnant and due around the same time. She had been excitedly counting down her due date with these girls. One by one they were having their babies and obviously her story was not quite so happy. This never stopped her seeing these mums and seeing these new babies for cuddles when she was so desperately missing her own. There were tears when I saw her in the coming months, from all of us, but this would never stop her from sitting next to me and rubbing my swelling belly, or feeling my baby move. She attended my baby shower, which must have been heartbreaking for her, yet she found a way to smile through it all and be there as one of my best friends. For that, I will always love her that little bit more. I had told her if it was too hard to not to come but that hadn’t stopped her being there.

I hope this email is giving you a little insight into her strength of character.

Team George scheduled a marathon which took place in May 2014. I don’t think anyone had realised how many people would be behind Kirsty and Jonny and their story. It was a sea of blue
due to the personalised Team George charity tops the runners were wearing. I was heavily pregnant by now and was supporting my close friends, their families and my husband who were all running.


The day was extremely emotional for everyone involved. I was proud to be part of this team.

From there, Team George evolved. We had golf days, coffee mornings, a ‘mile run’ for the children, and a charity ball. Kirsty was spending lots of her time in the organisation of these events, all raising money in George’s memory. Team George were picked for the wishing well at the christmas CMK display in Middleton Hall.

Team George has raised over £72,000 so far for SSNAP #Amazing.

Some of the members are taking part in a 10k/half marathon on 8 March 2015 followed by the further half marathon in May of this year. Kirsty, despite now having a healthy, gorgeous, almost 3 month old baby boy, Jack, is already in training and scheduled to run on 8 March.

I am not sure if I have given you enough (or perhaps even too much) information but I think Kirsty deserves a title of an ‘inspirational mum’.I know she would appreciate this and I want her to know how amazing she is, and more importantly that nobody has forgotten her little boy.

This is the link to their charity page, which gives further details of their story.

(Another) Kirsty”


Thank you so much to Kirsty and Kirsty.

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