Why #Advertise for #Charity to our #Community Group #MiltonKeynes parents @henryallentrust

£820 raised in 6 months for The Henry Allen Trust


MK Facts

1. It’s the fastest growing urban area in Europe.

2. There are currently twice as many births as there are deaths.

3. Around 13 people a day move to Milton Keynes.

4. More international businesses located in Milton Keynes in the last year than anywhere in the country apart from London.

5. For economic growth, Milton Keynes is number 5 in England – after London, Manchester, Warrington and Bristol.

6. For population growth, Milton Keynes is number 6 in England – after London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester and Bournemouth.

7. For growth of commercial space, Milton Keynes is number 2 after London.

8. There are over 71,000 dwellings in Milton Keynes.

9. At the last count, there were nearly 37,000 pupils in Milton Keynes’ schools.

10. Milton Keynes has a catchment population of over 2.8 million people. Over 18 million people live within a 1 hour 30 minute drive time of Central Milton Keynes.

11. With the local population younger than the national average, there is incredible scope within Milton Keynes to cater to an affluent market.

12. HIgher incomes than the national average.

13. Midsummer Boulevard in Central Milton Keynes is so called because the sun rises and sets at each end on Midsummer Day.

14. Milton Keynes Theatre is the most visited in the UK outside of London’s West End.

15. The Wishing Pool is a central feature to the annual Christmas Show in Middleton Hall and is used by thecentre:mk to raise money for local charity organisations and community groups. Since 1985 over £389,000 has been raised and distributed throughout projects that benefit the local community. Beneficiaries over previous years include Age UK Milton Keynes, MK Play Association, Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Calvert Trust, St Tiggywinkles and MK SNAP.

What a commercial success it is!

There are so many amazing people in MK who raise thousands for charity and many residents give generously to charity also.

S0 we are trying out a new concept here @ Milton Keynes Mums

#Advertising to our local community for a charity donation @ 

Charity Blogging to 4,200 followers and 8,500 Facebook group members @ Mum to Mum MK.


Please get in touch if you would like to be part of our directory / Blog



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