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#ChildhoodCancer Do you know the signs? @Henryallentrust Is raising awareness for Henry, forever 4

“On this very day four years ago my ‘Mummy instincts’ kicked in”

Dawn Allen – Henry’s Mummy


“Henry was really poorly in the night and I just had this awful, gut-wrenching feeling that something wasn’t right and it was more than just ‘constipation and a viral infection’ the doctors kept telling me.

Shocked! I sobbed on Henry’s bedroom floor as I noticed little mans tummy was swollen and distended.

I recall little man saying his legs were hurting and wasn’t able to walk very far without me rubbing them… I put this down to growing pains as he was going to be tall like his Daddy and loved running around.

Can’t believe it’s four years today that our horrific journey started to unfold…

Why didn’t I see?! Why didn’t I know?! Why?! Why?! Why?! This is something as a Mummy and I know Mark Henry’s Daddy feels the same, one question will won’t have answered! Why Henry?! Why does an innocent child get this vile disease?!

One of the reasons Henry’s legacy wanted to produce signs and symptoms cards and awareness of childhood cancer was because of this! If we can save at least one child’s life by getting an early diagnosis little man would be so proud!

Mark and I wasn’t aware of the signs and symptoms.


You Can see this @

Team Henry have had our awareness cards approved and we would love to get them into our local community. If you would like to display these, please privately message the page or alternatively email

I guess you wondering why I’m asking everyone to spread awareness of childhood cancer? Why? Because children get cancer too and at one point Henry didn’t have cancer.

Knowing the signs and symptoms could help you save a child’s life you may love or know, it’s so important.

Awareness of childhood cancer is vital. Please help Team Henry spread awareness!

Let’s do this! For Henry!

Together we can make a difference and make a change!

Together we stand! #TeamHenry


Hope, dream, believe xxx — feeling emotional”.

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