#Snack-time #LunchBox Post on Mum to Mum – Do you need Inspiration?

“Hi mummies, I’m on the scrounge for snack ideas! I have 4 children, 3 of them in full-time school, as soon as we get in after school, they’re….STARVING! They all have at least 3 pieces of fruit at lunch time, carrot sticks and raisins just aren’t cutting it! Please blast me with your healthy and quick snack suggestions, thank you.”


Our Awesome Mums replied with…

* Crackers, egg muffins (put any ingredients in muffin tray and fill with egg and bake), hummus and carrots.

Egg Muffins

EGG MUFFINS RECIPE: Pre-heat your oven to 180 for a fan oven Spray 12 hole muffin pan with Spray ‘n Cook (if you’re a Saffa like me lol), otherwise use a non-stick spray, or you can even user muffin cases if you like. Half fill the tin with fillings of your choice. Cheese, ham, bacon, chopped peppers, sweetcorn, spring onions, goats cheese. Beat 8 eggs, then distribute evenly between the 12 holes.  Place in oven and cook for 20-25 minutes.  Yum! You can nuke them too if they’ve been in the fridge. Great for picnics. Good luck!


Tip Time – Have fun with food, Jazz fruit up to make it fun.

Use shape cutters on Sandwiches to create star or heart sandwiches.


* Toasted pitta bread slices with a dip.

* Mini pizza ( muffin in half,spread some tomato paste/sauce, top with veg/meat & grill)

*Scrambled egg & toast fingers.


* Home made flapjacks always go down well & sustain their energy until tea time.

* FlapJacks


“Mine have rice cakes with peanut butter spread on, I have a lovely recipe for broccoli muffins which go down a treat too.”


* Popcorn

“I have an air popcorn maker, my girls love it just plain and as it’s an air popper it doesn’t even need any fat plus it’s so quick and easy and feels like a treat.”

* Pancakes with banana, scrambled egg on toast, crumpets, cereal and eggy bread are fab!

American style thicker pancakes:



* A Smoothie

Raspberry banana smoothie – Whizz 85g raspberries together with 1 chopped banana and 150ml orange juice until smooth (serves 1).


* Rice cakes! Any and all flavours! Low fat too.

* Oatcakes and cream cheese, boiled eggs, ham rolled around cheese, flapjacks (homemade), banana muffins, no egg banana pancakes (you can make a batch and freeze)


Another fab snack link:


* Fruit Salad – You can make a big bowl up and keep it in the fridge :o)


* A piece of toast, bread, crumpet, malt loaf etc


#LunchBox Ideas


Here is one week’s worth of healthy lunch box ideas:

Lunchbox one: • brown pita bread with smooth peanut butter • small container of trail mix (see above snacks) • cut up fruit – apple, pear, and orange • fresh apple juice • healthy yoghurt

Lunchbox two: • bagel with soft cheese and cucumber • small container with cherry tomatoes and strips of carrot • cooked apple puree – home made – very easy to make (see recipe) • handful of raisins and dried apricots – in a small plastic bag • fresh orange juice

• Cooked apple puree: place a large granny smith apple into a steamer and leave for ten minutes on a medium to high burner. Remove it and cut in half. Scoop out the soft apple and leave until cool. Add a tiny spoonful of honey and place in a container for the lunchbox. This is just enough for a child’s portion.

Lunchbox three: • wholemeal bread sandwich with cheddar cheese, cucumber and tomato • cut up strips of carrot and red peppers • fruit smoothie (bought version) • small container of strawberries • fresh apple juice

Lunchbox four: • wholemeal pita bread with salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato) and tuna fish • a banana • small bunch of grapes • healthy yoghurt • fresh juice

Lunchbox five: • small container with brown rice, add cut up cubes of tomato, cut up cubes of cucumber, cut up fish from the night before (i.e. salmon, tuna, cod), add some sweet corn and some peas (from frozen) • Cut up avocado pear with some celery sticks • Fresh berry fruit salad – not too large, just a taste of all the different berries. • Fresh juice.

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