#ChristmasEveBox Mums in Milton Keynes share ideas to create your special box this Christmas

Christmas Is such a special time and Christmas Eve boxes are a great way to entertain the children on Christmas eve.


I am loving the idea of a treasure hunt to find the box too, how exciting!

There are some fab blogs with links to all this christmas fun…

Our new tradition

Mum of boys

A Mum to Mum MK member asked:

“Hi, I’m doing a Christmas Eve box for my children. What do you think would be good to put in there for them? I am thinking PJ’s, slippers and need ideas on what extra to add thanks.”

Our FAB members were quick to share their ideas.

PJ’s, Warm Socks, Themed fleece blanket, Christmas movie, Sweets, Chocolate coins, Hot chocolate, Special cup/mug, Letter from Father Christmas, Popcorn, Christmas book (Santa is coming to Milton Keynes)

Cup cake, Reindeer food, Christmas colouring sheets or book, Snow Globe, Christmas decoration (make one) 

Bubble bath, A Key for Father Christmas, Decorated christmas plate for the special mans mince-pie.

Make your special reindeer food and print the label here:

Activity village

 “Sprinkle this mix on the lawn tonight, The moon will make it sparkle bright! And Santa’s reindeer, flying high, Will see the food and drop on by!”

 Foot Prints – A fab idea from the 99p store, UK (2014)


** Hand decoration **


Lollipop tree Decoration


Handprint antlers


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