£134 raised for @henryallentrust and @mkfoodbank @360play #MiltonKeynesMums

Last Thursday saw MiltonKeynesMums host a great event at 360 Play MK.





Vicki hosted the event and we had some great feed back. A great showcase for our local mums in business and raising money at the same time.

“Thank you to all the lovely Mums, grand parents, 360 Play staff, other stall holders, people who made donations, Samantha Poole and Vicki Offin for making another Mums to Mums event a great success.”

Vicki is contacting the Food Bank to see what they need and she is going to take her little ones shopping to get the goodies for those in need. £67 for Food bank and £67 will be added to the Just Giving account for the Henry Allen Trust so we have a nice amount for the trust next year.


Thank you to all the stall holders and entertainers who supported the event. Another great Milton Keynes Mums Event.

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