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Loving our ‘Super Saver Shopper’ member in Mum to Mum MK #MiltonKeynesMums

Introducing Katrina.

“I have been money saving and ‘savvy shopping’ for over a year now and keep getting asked to write a blog or teach people my methods so that we can all save a few quid.


So i thought I’d start to write a few “how to” guides especially for those of you who are interested.

First things first… Christmas shopping!

I cannot stress this enough – use Quidco!
Last Christmas I made £60 in cashback through Quidco.

Instead of going straight to a website to order or googling It… find what you want first and then log in to Quidco & go to the site you want through Quidco if you do this it will open the site you want in a new window AND track your visit.
Order what you want and Quidco will payout the agreed cashback.

This works for most top high street brands AND even online supermarket shopping (usually only for new customers).
The same applies for a site named TopCashBack.

So please use these links to get you started I have put these tips together for free but u will earn me referral bonuses for these sites only so please give me something for my time! (once joined refer your friends the same way and you will earn referral bonuses!)

I will add a new installment shortly that will cover food shopping specifically and some free apps but please comment here when you’ve joined these as 1 app requires you to have joined Quidco at least.

Also it will help me know how many of you are interested in learning more as i don’t get anything for doing this and am passing on the referral incentive so you guys can also get a kickback- suffice to say we all know how busy us mummies are so I don’t want to spend my time preaching if nobody wants to listen.”

I am sure there are lot’s of families who would really appreciate your help.

Well done Katrina and we look forward to more of your excellent Money Saving Tips!


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