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Samuel’s Charity <3 Show Me Your Heart

Beautiful Life Therapy also supports ‘Samuel’s Charity’


How to ‘Show Me Your Heart’

It takes three easy steps to make a difference ❤

Take a picture of a heart. It can be any heart shape; your own drawing or painting, a selfie, a picture in the sand, a group of people making a heart shape (great for a class of kids) or anything – this is where your creativity really comes in. Include in the picture the words ‘Samuel’s Charity’ if you can.
Share the picture on all of your social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Add this link to the Image

Share the Image on your social media sites, on your work intranet (with permission first!) and any blogs/websites you can. Do this once or twice a day for seven days. This means all your friends/followers have the best chance to see it once.

This is another family doing amazing things for others in a time of great sadness and loss. If you can help in any way at all please get in contact with Samuel’s Charity.
What are we doing with the donations?

We are in the process of replacing TVs, DVDs, games consoles, books, games, room decoration and sofa beds for parents.
TVs are the main way a really sick child can enjoy the day and take the focus off the pain and worry.

So many kids are just too sick to play games or lego or read a book. His mum and I used to read to Samuel, he loved that too. The TVs will have built in DVD players and be able to stream Netflix, BBC IPlayer and the like.

A sofa bed doesn’t sound like much of a help, does it? Well, as a parent you are there to comfort your child but also you are often an unofficial part of the team looking after your child. It is so common to be up five or six times during the night with a very sick child, and this can go on for many months. It is really hard to then be able to function during the day on little sleep. The worst thing is to have a bed that is uncomfortable. Plus, one of the best medicines available is a hug from your mum or dad and, if possible, sleeping with them instead of on a hospital bed.
The Hospital wards themselves are very dull and depressingly ‘decorated’. Grey and pea green is not a cheerful combination. We decorated the ward over christmas and are planning to have permanent wall and room decorations so there is a much more light and happy feel to the wards, not the depressing look at present.

An ice machine is needed so we will get one – it is a very specific type needed for hospitals. Ice helps with pain management as well as cooling drinks! The rooms get very hot and an ice machine will be invaluable through summer.

There are many smaller items like play equipment for the school and playrooms, coffee cups and teaspoons for the parents kitchen, WIFI and Netflix subscriptions – the list goes on and this is why we need your help right now.

I lost my son and I can never have that time again, but I promised Samuel I would keep his charity going, to help other families through such hard times, to make the time as good as it can be ❤


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