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Korfball In Milton Keynes

Looking for a new and exciting sport to try?

“I’ve been one of the korfball organisers in MK since we started up 10 years ago and even though I’ve also got a 5-year-old, a 2-year-old and a 3-day-a-week day job, I still do it in what little spare time I have! My friend Emma Germain, who regularly posts on Mum to Mum MK, was a major korfball organiser in London before she moved up to MK so I’m not the only one in the group who knows the sport although we’re still relatively unknown.
We have just created a new offer especially for teaching staff to come and try the sport. (see picture!), It’s a brand new offer that we only launched last week. We are looking for Men/Women who work as teachers or teaching assistants because it’s a good career to fit round school hours. We also have kids sessions which start from about age 7 up to 16.”


Session times

These are all indoors during autumn/winter/spring, some of them shift outdoors in summer and may change their times slightly

Adults Thursday 8-9:30 MK College Bletchley Campus (this is the one where I’m an organiser, and also where the teacher offer counts!) first 2 sessions free then £5 PAYG or £12.99/month, plus the extra current offer for teachers

Adults Monday 7:30-9 Walton High School (this is actually run by the other korfball club in MK but I’m friends with all of them and sometimes go there too) first two sessions free then monthly payment

Under 11s (in theory can start from age 6 but age 8 is more realistic) Wednesday 5:30-6:45pm Shenley Brook End School first session free then monthly payment

Age 11-16 Wednesday 6:45-8pm Shenley Brook End School first session free then monthly payment
(Children in school year 7 can choose whether they do the younger or the older session)

Beginners, and all skill and fitness levels, are welcome at all adult and junior sessions!

What is Korfball?

Korfball is a fun and exciting game that everyone can play. The game takes just a few minutes to learn, but for those who take it seriously, a lifetime to perfect. The sport is as old as basketball and netball and is played in over 50 countries around the world. Over 200,000 people play korfball for fun, fitness or competition. It’s relatively inexpensive to play – all you need is normal sports kit and trainers, and we’ll provide other equipment.

Each team consists of 4 men and 4 women who compete to shoot the ball through the korf. Each player is in a duel with an opponent of the same sex and must use their speed, agility and skill to break free to shoot and score. Korfball is a fast, dynamic and challenging aerobic sport. While it values cooperation within the team, it can also be highly competitive, but has fewer injuries than contact sports.

Korfball has been played in England for over 60 years and there are a wide range of established competitions. Many players play to enjoy the game and to get a good workout whilst enjoying the unique advantages that playing the only true mixed sport can provide. Many players make some great friendships as well as a result of playing the game.

At the elite level, korfball players have to maintain a very high level of fitness and some train several times a week. The England korfball team are currently ranked 4th in the world and are former World Championship bronze medallists.

Whether you are looking for a break from the humdrum of the gym or whether you have aspirations to represent your country on the international stage then korfball could be for you. To find out more please contact us and come down for a taster session. You’ll be able to play a game within the first session and talk about it in the pub afterwards. Just get in touch, and we’ll respond to you very quickly. See you soon!

Thanks to Bec Korfball Club in London for much of the description!

Check out korfball on the BBC Get Inspired website too!

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